Give Online

Wesley United Methodist Church appreciates the financial support of everyone interested in our mission to BRING people to Christ, and together BECOME the light of God's love to SERVE our community and the world.

This page is for those who wish to have the convenience of giving online via a debit card, credit card or by ACH. You can set up one-time gifts or recurring gifts to our general fund for your tithes, or give to any of our special designated funds. Of course you can still continue to contribute by traditional means as well. The choice is yours.

Please note that the church does incur fees for these online gifts. We ask that you consider checking the box to cover the fees as part of your gift. The software will show you the amount of the fee before you complete your gift.

To give online, simply click the button below. Note: you do NOT have to have an account to make a gift. At the end you will have the OPTION to create an account if you find it more convenient.

Note that the software provides you the OPTION of creating an account for future use. You do not HAVE to create an account to make a gift. If you would like to create an account so the software remembers all your information, simply check the "Remember me" box at the end and enter a password and PIN of your choice. In the future you can then select "Sign In" at the top of the window and all your information will be retrieved. If you plan to use online giving repeatedly you may find an account more convenient.